Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mini Vacation

So we are leaving in the morning and heading to my husband's mom's house... we are going to have a sorta late Christmas with his family. I have been up really late tonight getting things ready and packing up as much as I can tonight! I finally got my makeup packed haha! I always hate packing makeup for a trip because I want to bring it all, but that would be a little extreme lol.. I am always afraid that if I don't bring a ton then I will end up not bringing something, and wanting to use it later!

I already have packed most of Michael's bag, except for his jeans and his toothbrush and toothpaste and all of those types of things... Elizabeth is not packed at all haha! Well I did get all of her baby food together already.. Clothes had to be washed and all sorts of things before I could even think about packing! Thankfully it has all been washed and here I am blogging at almost 1 in the morning when I should be sleeping (or packing)... of course ha ha.

Sadly though I may not end up blogging during this trip.. on the bright side though once we are home and everything gets back to normal I do have a few videos that I want to film and share with all of you!

One thing I really like about going to visit his family is that it can be really relaxing, plus there is soooo much more to do there than there is here where we live! And.... they have lots of fun places to shop at hehe, like MAC, Forever 21, and so many more! It's not fair that I don't have those places here where we live right now. I always have to order from them online, or drive over an hour to go there! So if I do any sort of shopping I will share it with you guys, but I have no idea if I will yet or not.

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