Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting into the Spirit

I was sitting around trying and attempting to decide on what I should blog about today and I decided that since Christmas is getting super, and I am going to be out doing a little bit of my Christmas shopping today...that I would just blog about Christmas haha!

(This was the cabin we stayed in...I took this picture the day we were able to escape haha!)

So last year for Christmas I was on vacation with my family... not that it was a bad vacation, but I guess I was a little depressed. My hubby was away at war :( and I was PreeeTyyy pregnant haha! We stayed in a three story chalet on the side of a darn mountain(literally lol)... We definitely had us a "white Christmas" last year ha.

Christmas morning it started snowing...and snowing and snowing and snowing and...well you get the idea! Anyways, it ended up snowing probably like three feet if not more. This is where the vacation got a lil sour. Not only was I pregnant and missing my hubby, but now we were snowed in on top of a mountain and couldn't do any sort of sightseeing or anything!! Atleast we did get to do a little bit of shopping like the day before we got snowed in.

Aside from all of that it was a really pretty and nice Christmas, I wanted to share with all of you some of the pictures.

Don't you just love our "lil" tree lol? We couldn't travel with anything bigger so we brought a little one....obviously all of the gifts wouldn't fit under it haha!
After it is all said and done...I love that we had the experience despite being snowed in and having to stay like an extra 4-5 days!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MAC Christmas Gifts

This year when my hubby asked what I wanted I immediately said, "MAC!" there are a few things that I already know that I want for sure but then there are a few that I haven't decided on. My question for all of you is this....

What are some MAC or even non MAC beauty or cosmetics or beauty things that I should ask for? Perferably MAC though!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fa La La La La....La La La La!

I am super excited tonight! I can't believe it is almost Christmas already... I know this year is going to be super special. Not only will this be Elizabeth's first Christmas, but this year my hubby will be home to share it with us instead of being away at war again! We just put our tree up earlier and I wrapped some of the presents up too haha! I just couldn't wait.

This was the tree at the beginning of Christmas last year.... now there are LOTS of other fun ornaments on the tree! Did I mention that my husband hates it haha.... he hates that it has fun colors on it! I will post pics at some point so you can see what it looks like now. Atleast my hubby is a good hubby though, and we agreed that he could decorate the outside of the house how he wanted... let's hope it's not too crazy haha... just kidding, I know he will do a great job!!

I just love everything about the holidays... especially the shopping part hehe... I love listening to the Christmas music and looking at all the different decorations wherever we go. I loved it tonight when my hubby said," well if we are gonna do this (talking about putting the tree up), then we gotta do it right!" Then he turned on Christmas music haha! I love how curious the baby was seeing it all for the first time. She was soo cute, climbing up onto all the boxes and peeking her head inside to see what was in them as we were decorating! I can't wait to watch her open her gifts for the first time.

 I hope all your holidays go as you plan and that they are SUPER wonderful as well!

Friday, November 25, 2011


For Thanksgiving I made pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and everyone LOVED them!! The recipe that I used was from Juicystar07's video! It would've been up in time yesterday but I was having lots of internet connection issues so the upload kept stopping... so here it is haha!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

Hey everyone... I hope you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving so far! I love this time of year, being with family and loved ones. I am Thankful that my dad was able to visit and spend Thanksgiving with me at my house this year. There were a lot more people at the house then I actually thought would be, and we had lots of food and sugary goodies haha! I made pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and I made pumpkin pie! Below is the tutorial I did for the pie. The cupcake recipe tutorial will be up later.. it would've been up sooner but for some reason my internet kept disconnecting all day long!

Secondly I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Thank you to all of my subscribers on youtube, I am not sure if you read this blog of not but I am so thankful for all of your subscriptions! My goal was to get my first 50 by today and I did! I am proud of myself. I absolutely love making videos for everyone, so it means a lot that even 50 people want to watch them! I can't wait to finally get more subscribers and really be able to show my appreciation and send you guys fun free stuff haha!
Happy fun turkey holiday everyone and I hope to meet you all on my beauty channel!
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

CrAzY sUnDaYs!!!

Today is going to be a crazy day and it's not even noon yet! We all woke up pretty early and had to take Rob to work... he got stuck doing 24 hour duty so he won't be off until in the morning! Then he wanted Subway for breakfast haha, so after we dropped him off we went to get him breakfast from there. Right now we have just my car, we recently sold his and we both need new ones lol, mainly because I drive a VW Jetta and there is just not enough room for our growing family haha!
 Now I am doing baby laundry, which I do separately from everyone else's because I use a different detergent for her than for everyone else...
I had to hurry and chop up lots of veggies to go into the slow cooker because I am making beef stew for dinner and it has to cook for like 8 hours!
The kids and myself are going to have to load up in the car soon and run to the grocery store, we have random items to get for Thanksgiving and some milk and other fun things lol!
Afterwards I may start doing some of the baking for Thanksgiving, we are hosting it at our house this year so I am really excited! Plus I want to try to watch the live streaming on for the AMA's hahaha! Well, I am off to finish off my super busy day today, maybe I can get some cleaning in today too lol!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quack Quack!

Today I got the funniest phonecall from my sister! She always manages to make me laugh, and today she especially made my day! We were in mid conversation and she said, "Oh I have to tell you what Tristan (her hubby) did....I just seen a bird on tv and it reminded me of it!" So I immediately am thinking, "Oh no, what did he do and how does it relate to a bird?"

She contines to tell her story and it went a lil something like this...
"Well, I got a knock at the door today and the UPS man hands me this package and it was chirping... Tristan ordered ducks online!" I couldn't stop laughing because it just got better and better. "I asked him what am I suppose to do with these things and he was like 'good luck' and walked off!" She told me that they came with a manual haha.. Then she said, "on the invoice that came with them it says he ordered four ducks and I opened them up, and there were 5!" LOL! "What am I going to do with 5 freaking ducks? I don't know how to take care of ducks, I'm afraid I am going to accidentally kill them!" Apparently Tristan told her that he wanted to order geese originally lol, he said that he wanted to take a bath with real ones instead of the rubber ones haha! Obviously he was joking...atleast we hope lol! The best part is that they now live in an apartment, so she has nowhere to keep these ducks other than maybe her bathtub lol! I just couldn't help but to laugh at her... I didn't know you could order ducks online and that they would ship them to your front door lol! That was just a random funny story I wanted to share with all of you!
Hope someone made you laugh today!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sick Days

Sorry everyone, I know I haven't uploaded a video or blogged in a few days. Yesterday was a super busy day and I had my cousin's baby shower to go to like two hours away! Then today I have been sick with a really bad cold, so I really hope that by Tuesday I will feel more up to doing a new video! Any ideas?

Usually I have it all planned out and know what I want to do but I literally have no clue haha! I think I wanna do a new video using drugstore products only... That's probably what I will do haha. I have a really busy day tomorrow since my hubby won't be home this week, I have lots to do before he leaves! So I probably won't film anything until Tuesday! Well off to get Michael to bed since he has school in the morning, then I am getting ready for bed myself! Night Everyone!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

The day ahead

Apparently the time change was last night and not tonight, because when I woke up this morning the time was set back an hour on mine and my husband's phones! At first I thought I was crazy until I started looking at all the clocks in the house and they all were an hour ahead of mine lol... So aside from all that today is going to be a little busy. I have to get ready, and drive a little over an hour and go get the kiddies from my mom's house, then once we leave there we have to drive back and go grocery shopping and all that fun stuff that us moms and wives do haha!

So I imagine that today will be pretty busy for us all here at my house.... Don't forget though to keep checking my beauty channel for lots of new videos! I try to upload atleast a couple a week and to not go to long without uploading anything. My next video will be a hair tutorial that is really fast!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to: Goulish Goodies part 2!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!! I told you all that I would do a video making all the lil goodies for the Halloween party, but unfortunately I didn't get the chance to... I ended up running around like crazy trying to hurry and things were getting done at the last minute! However, I did film a little bit... so here it is!

If you want a more detailed description you can read my other post on the "Goulish Goodies"!!