Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sick Days

Sorry everyone, I know I haven't uploaded a video or blogged in a few days. Yesterday was a super busy day and I had my cousin's baby shower to go to like two hours away! Then today I have been sick with a really bad cold, so I really hope that by Tuesday I will feel more up to doing a new video! Any ideas?

Usually I have it all planned out and know what I want to do but I literally have no clue haha! I think I wanna do a new video using drugstore products only... That's probably what I will do haha. I have a really busy day tomorrow since my hubby won't be home this week, I have lots to do before he leaves! So I probably won't film anything until Tuesday! Well off to get Michael to bed since he has school in the morning, then I am getting ready for bed myself! Night Everyone!


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