Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy Anniversary!

This Valentine's Day was my anniversary! This particular one was so special to not only me, but my husband as well, simply because it was the first one we have been able to truly celebrate. My weekend started off with having to pack a bag for a surprise dinner and getaway.

We stayed at the Marriott Vanderbilt in Nashville and the hotel was one of the more beautiful Marriotts I have stayed in! Once we checked in we had a little while before we needed to head to dinner. Even at this point I still didn't know where dinner was at haha! 

We decided to take a cab since it was only a few minutes away and we both wanted to be able to have a drink or two. So of course once we were in the cab I found out our reservation was for Giovanni Ristorante in Nashville.. 

My tropical punch cocktail was amazing... and a decent size drink too!

Loved the atmosphere and service that was provided as well. The desserts were amazing as well!!

While at dinner Robert gave me my anniversary/Valentine's Day gift, which was a gorgeous rose gold ring with a Morganite gem. My favorite combo, and one I have wanted for about a year!

We left the restaurant and headed back to the hotel for another drink and then had the perfect ending to a beautiful celebration!

This year truly marked six amazing years with an amazing man and daddy to our three beautiful kids!! I can't wait to see what crazy adventures the next 6 bring!