Friday, April 13, 2012

More Birthday Pics

Hey guys... now that my house is officially empty it's really weird to know that all of my house is packed away in storage twelve hours away! Yet I am still here haha! Lots of cleaning has to be finished up here before our final moveout inspection on the twentieth of April... which seems like a long time except we only have until Saturday since we will be out of town until the 19th! So I have been incredibly busy and am really slacking off on my blogs... I did manage to film a few videos to hold me over until I get moved into my new house... so be sure to watch out for those in the future!

Anyways... as promised here are a few more pictures from Elizabeth's first birthday party over this past weekend!

I am really happy with the way all of the decorations turned out... the balloon bouquet on the ceiling was so creative thanks to my hubby and my mom's friends' husband!

She did such a great job opening up her presents!

Time to dig in to her own lil individual cake!!

She didn't really know what to think about it at first, and she just played with it between her fingers for a second haha!

She very quickly decided she didn't like it at all haha! Then she reached for me ahh!!

I hope this made you all smile like it did me!

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