Friday, April 20, 2012

Found a House!

Hey everyone.. I know that it has been a while since my last post... we have been extremely busy house hunting and finally successfully found a place to live haha!! We are only renting since we don't plan on being in this new area for more than three years. Everything was soooo limited because most places weren't available to move into until June or later and we needed something that was available by May 1st. Luckily we found somewhere!

Anyways... I took this picture above because it's probably my favorite feature of the whole place haha... I have a total obsession with open staircases, so this really excites me! I took this picture standing upstairs looking down (obviously haha). I will say though that the only downside to this place is that I wasn't thrilled about the master bathroom, although it is a little bigger than the one in our house we just moved out of (this new one actually has two sinks instead of the just one), but I hate that there isn't a separate tub and shower... it's just all one. It does has almost all of the other features that I wanted though, so that is really nice. We won't be moving in until around May 7th though, but I can't wait!

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