Monday, April 30, 2012

Playing at the Park

On my birthday this year it was spent making time to see family and friends since we are moving. So after I had my aunt cut my hair (don't worry it was just a trim haha), we went to the park so I could see my friend Melody, the one from the blog justmelodyt! My dad also came with us to spend some extra time with the kids before we left. It was also Elizabeth's first time at the park!!

HAHA she absolutely Loved being in the little baby swings that they had there... it was her first time in any sort of swing other than the baby ones you buy at the store!

They both seemed to have a  lot of fun at the park (the kiddos).. Michael spent all of his time playing with Melody's little boy Jake!

We also ended up going to another park here at my in-law's yesterday..
Michael loves playing on the merry go round haha... I pushed him for a min, but it's not as much fun when it's me instead of daddy... Daddy can push him a whole lot faster haha!

Yesterday was Elizabeth's first time on the little toddler merry go round... she liked it, but then she got a little bored with it!

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