Friday, March 30, 2012

Flashback Friday

Usually I do these posts on my other blog... but I was sorta torn today on which one to put on here and which one to put on my other blog... since today's post for my beauty blog was also beauty realated/family too! Plus this post is really family related!!

If you guys have always followed this blog then you know that this Monday my baby girl (ok she is actually a toddler now) is turning one!! I absolutely can't believe it has been almost a year ago since she was born. This pic was taken at the end of March, just a couple weeks before she was born..

Sometimes it is so weird to think about her turning a year old.. especially in situations where I am at the store and I see little bitty newborn babies, then I try to imagine her being that small again. She absolutely puts a smile on my face every single day no matter what is going on around me!

She was just soooo tiny... this was just a few minutes after she was born!

And here is another pic of a very new little baby Elizabeth. I can't believe her birthday is just a few days away! Then her birthday party is next weekend.. ahh!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Glow in the dark bath!

I love fun bath toys for my lil ones! So today I decided to share one of Elizabeth's fun toys..

Isn't this floating turtle that lights up super cute? It changes colors too.. it looks a lot brighter and vibrant lookin in person! She has another one too that is a little crab. We found them at Toys R Us for really cheap!

Here was her other toy of choice for her bath... a lil Fisher Price horsey... he was Michael's but Elizabeth sorta inherited him haha! I don't think he is "actually" for the bathtub.. but he does float so it works!

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Insane Bathtime Hair

The other day, after one of Elizabeth's baths, her hair looked a lil something like this!

 She is just so funny, she has this little green washcloth/animal thing (I am not really sure what it is haha) but she absolutely LOVES it... and she just has to have it when she gets done with her bath every single time!
Ha Ha... me and Michael couldn't stop laughing at her hair like this as she tried to run away with only her pants on! Her hair is just so cute and curly, but usually it is only like this in the back.. It reminds me of my dad when it curls up like this everywhere, he has SUPER curly hair all over his head!

I hope this put a smile on your face like it did mine!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Blog To Share!

Hey everyone I have a blog that I want to share with all of you! One of my oldest and best friends, Hana, also has a blog... she blogs about lots of different things including some great makeup looks. You should definitely check her out and show some love by following! She also created my newest banner that is at the top of my beauty blog, which I am LOVING!

Neon-Stardust <--- The Blog To See

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random Pics from my phone and Hello Kitty Cookies

Here is a random pic from my phone to share!

This is the kinda stuff I get to watch with Elizabeth when Michael is at school and Rob is at work haha! Meet "Strawberry Shortcake" everyone... I am sure lots of you probably remember this cartoon. Yes! That is my tv with a painting over it that my mom and I did that I don't have a place for haha!

Isn't this the cutest cookie EVER?! My hubby brought it home to me randomly hehe... I think it is just too cute to eat, so I haven't touched it... that and I have been trying super hard to eat healthier and this bad boy is 220 calories haha! Although, now that I am looking at this picture... I kinda want to try it out! I am not quite sure where he found this, but appartently he was super excited to buy it for me. His friend Aaron was with him and he told me that he has never seen him so excited to buy something that girly before hahaha!

If you read my post from around Christmas time (I believe it was on my other blog) then the recipe that I used to make the Christmas cookies would work for this as well. Just use a different color icing..

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Sundays!

Hey everyone! This weekend was pretty long... there were no kiddies at the house this weekend so it was really quiet, which is unusual haha. Friday night me and the hubby decided to have a date night and we went to Red Lobster... it is so nice to go there (that's where Rob proposed to me haha)!

Saturday was busy driving to several places to find some festive decor since it was St. Patty's Day! Nowhere had anything at all... so we had to improvise haha! We got some snack foods and stuff since we were having another couple over... Once they got there we went out to eat first at Applebee's (which is funny since I worked there for a few years haha) since it was still sorta early. Then they came back to our house to hang out.

This morning we woke up, got ready, and headed to Cracker Barrel (a little late, so it was a late lunch). Then we headed to the mall and ended up doing a little bit of shopping (I will do a Haul since I have a couple other things to show you all).

After we picked up Michael we ate dinner, and then my mom came to visit for just a bit and brought Elizabeth home. It has definitely been one busy weekend that's for sure!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Blogging

This is what happens when I try to blog... or do anything on my computer haha!

This didn't last too long haha.... I had to hurry and remove her away before she broke my screen!

I love her lil fairy pajamas... they are from Baby Gap!

It is so hard to believe that her first birthday is coming up in just a few weeks! We made reservations for her party at Mr. Gatti's... it's a local pizza place sorta like Chuck E. Cheese, where my mom lives.. I wanted to make it fun for Michael too! Since her actual birthday is on a weekday we have decided to have it the weekend following her birthday... we even have started buying most of the decorations!! I am so excited, it's definitely going to be a bitter sweet moment..

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

And This Is What We Do Friday Nights.. With Exciting News!!

Since we have all pretty much been sick this whole week except for Michael, and the baby is feeling back to herself now, we didn't really feel like going anywhere... The problem though is that we had promised Michael that we would take him out to do something fun this weekend since he didn't get into any trouble at school for the whole month of February!! He had told us that he wanted to go to Applebee's originally, but then decided he wanted to wait and go to Chuck E. Cheese today. Then we all ended up going to eat anyways there, but we are still going to take him and Elizabeth (her first time), to Chuck E. Cheese later today...

After we went to eat the drove all the way home and then my hubby randomly pulled right back out of the driveway and we drove to go and rent some movies haha... Then we all went to Dairy Qeen and I broke my diet haha!! Soooo yummy though hehe!

And this is what happens when we spill juice all over our pants... they come off!

Then we play with our brother all while making sure we destroy the living room before our bedtime!

Then we try to run away as fast as we can laughing... (I kept trying to take her picture but she thought is was funny to run away haha)

And here is my purse with all of our rented movies in it... along with my jacket beside it and the baby's cute lil shoes too!

NOW FOR SOME EXCITING NEWS!!!! WE ARE MOVING... I am super excited. Yes, it will be about 12 hours from where my family lives, and about 9 from my hubby's... but we are really excited for this new adventure! We have been house searching and all kinds of fun things... We aren't totally sure when exactly we will leave the area we live in now, but we do know it will be sometime towards the end of April! So if I go a little bit MIA for a bit, you now know why haha!

Off to watch some movies, house search, and go to Chuck E. Cheese!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sick Baby and Feeling Better

I took this pic of her this morning... I have no idea what she is doing with her mouth haha! I am just happy to see her feeling better!

If you follow me on twitter than you know that I attended a bridal shower over the weekend and that night after I got home I was sick... at first I just thought it was a regular cold, and maybe it was, but I ran a fever all night Saturday because of it! Then the next day I went to go get Elizabeth from my Aunt and she had a lil fever... so we gave her some medicine and she was fine after that. Then, when she woke up Monday morning she was burning up... She ended up having a fever all day and the medicine just didn't seem to be working. Monday afternoon I checked her temperature and it was 101.5 so we went to the doctor. By the time we got to her doctor's office her temperature was 102 and a random bump had appeared on the side of her face. Her doctor was concerned about the high fever and bump and told her to take her to the hospital to see what they thought.... We were in an out of her doctor's office within 15 min and drove right to the ER... we got to the ER within like 10 minutes and were only there about 5 minutes before they called us back and checked her temperature again... this time it was 102.9!! Talk about having me worried... the insane thing was that by the time they called us back at the ER that bump on her face was totally gone!

Anyways, they gave her some motrin and we were there for a bit and she started to cool down finally and was actually smiling... the doctor came back and checked her and it turned out she has a middle ear infection! The poor thing, she felt awful ALL day yesterday until Daddy got home and brought her some Advil.. Apparently her Tylenol just didn't want to work with her fever. She actually ate her dinner last night and is pretty much back to herself, but she is still on her medication for about another 8 days...

As for me, I am feeling better except for this terrible cold I have, my ears are all stopped up and my throat is still really sore, but no fever, so that's good! Except for now my hubby is sick with a fever... I just hope Michael isn't next! He gets sick so so easily, and usually pretty badly, so I am hoping that doesn't happen..

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My BFF Tag!

First off, let me say how sorry I am for not posting anything on here lately... I was really busy and then got sick.. Then, last night we had to take the baby to the hospital for her high fever that just wasn't breaking. Turns out she has an ear infection, the poor baby. So she doesn't feel very well at all!

I promised everyone for the BFF tag video with my sister, and here it is!!

WARNING!! It was really late when we filmed this so I look horrible haha!

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