Friday, March 30, 2012

Flashback Friday

Usually I do these posts on my other blog... but I was sorta torn today on which one to put on here and which one to put on my other blog... since today's post for my beauty blog was also beauty realated/family too! Plus this post is really family related!!

If you guys have always followed this blog then you know that this Monday my baby girl (ok she is actually a toddler now) is turning one!! I absolutely can't believe it has been almost a year ago since she was born. This pic was taken at the end of March, just a couple weeks before she was born..

Sometimes it is so weird to think about her turning a year old.. especially in situations where I am at the store and I see little bitty newborn babies, then I try to imagine her being that small again. She absolutely puts a smile on my face every single day no matter what is going on around me!

She was just soooo tiny... this was just a few minutes after she was born!

And here is another pic of a very new little baby Elizabeth. I can't believe her birthday is just a few days away! Then her birthday party is next weekend.. ahh!

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