Saturday, March 10, 2012

And This Is What We Do Friday Nights.. With Exciting News!!

Since we have all pretty much been sick this whole week except for Michael, and the baby is feeling back to herself now, we didn't really feel like going anywhere... The problem though is that we had promised Michael that we would take him out to do something fun this weekend since he didn't get into any trouble at school for the whole month of February!! He had told us that he wanted to go to Applebee's originally, but then decided he wanted to wait and go to Chuck E. Cheese today. Then we all ended up going to eat anyways there, but we are still going to take him and Elizabeth (her first time), to Chuck E. Cheese later today...

After we went to eat the drove all the way home and then my hubby randomly pulled right back out of the driveway and we drove to go and rent some movies haha... Then we all went to Dairy Qeen and I broke my diet haha!! Soooo yummy though hehe!

And this is what happens when we spill juice all over our pants... they come off!

Then we play with our brother all while making sure we destroy the living room before our bedtime!

Then we try to run away as fast as we can laughing... (I kept trying to take her picture but she thought is was funny to run away haha)

And here is my purse with all of our rented movies in it... along with my jacket beside it and the baby's cute lil shoes too!

NOW FOR SOME EXCITING NEWS!!!! WE ARE MOVING... I am super excited. Yes, it will be about 12 hours from where my family lives, and about 9 from my hubby's... but we are really excited for this new adventure! We have been house searching and all kinds of fun things... We aren't totally sure when exactly we will leave the area we live in now, but we do know it will be sometime towards the end of April! So if I go a little bit MIA for a bit, you now know why haha!

Off to watch some movies, house search, and go to Chuck E. Cheese!

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  1. nooo! can i cry yet? we have got to plan a get together before you move!