Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random Pics from my phone and Hello Kitty Cookies

Here is a random pic from my phone to share!

This is the kinda stuff I get to watch with Elizabeth when Michael is at school and Rob is at work haha! Meet "Strawberry Shortcake" everyone... I am sure lots of you probably remember this cartoon. Yes! That is my tv with a painting over it that my mom and I did that I don't have a place for haha!

Isn't this the cutest cookie EVER?! My hubby brought it home to me randomly hehe... I think it is just too cute to eat, so I haven't touched it... that and I have been trying super hard to eat healthier and this bad boy is 220 calories haha! Although, now that I am looking at this picture... I kinda want to try it out! I am not quite sure where he found this, but appartently he was super excited to buy it for me. His friend Aaron was with him and he told me that he has never seen him so excited to buy something that girly before hahaha!

If you read my post from around Christmas time (I believe it was on my other blog) then the recipe that I used to make the Christmas cookies would work for this as well. Just use a different color icing..

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