Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy Anniversary!

This Valentine's Day was my anniversary! This particular one was so special to not only me, but my husband as well, simply because it was the first one we have been able to truly celebrate. My weekend started off with having to pack a bag for a surprise dinner and getaway.

We stayed at the Marriott Vanderbilt in Nashville and the hotel was one of the more beautiful Marriotts I have stayed in! Once we checked in we had a little while before we needed to head to dinner. Even at this point I still didn't know where dinner was at haha! 

We decided to take a cab since it was only a few minutes away and we both wanted to be able to have a drink or two. So of course once we were in the cab I found out our reservation was for Giovanni Ristorante in Nashville.. 

My tropical punch cocktail was amazing... and a decent size drink too!

Loved the atmosphere and service that was provided as well. The desserts were amazing as well!!

While at dinner Robert gave me my anniversary/Valentine's Day gift, which was a gorgeous rose gold ring with a Morganite gem. My favorite combo, and one I have wanted for about a year!

We left the restaurant and headed back to the hotel for another drink and then had the perfect ending to a beautiful celebration!

This year truly marked six amazing years with an amazing man and daddy to our three beautiful kids!! I can't wait to see what crazy adventures the next 6 bring!


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

County Fair

About a month ago we attended our county fair.. One of my good friends and her daughter joined us since she was there for the pageant. We went on the perfect night when there were no lines and the kids rode almost all the rides for free! I filmed a couple little scenes and took lots of pictures.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Breakfast at Tiffany's Baby Shower!

On the 17th I threw a baby shower for my sister. She is finally having a little boy, Yay!!! I wanted her theme to feel somewhat elegant so I went with Breakfast at Tiffany's. Here are a few pics of how the special day went...

My favorite picture from the day is actually the one above haha! No filter or anything.
I took a vase that I had and stuffed it with Tiffany blue streamer and put some fake flowers down in it for the decoration for the food table. For the menu cards I made them on pic monkey and printed them off through Wal-Mart.com. We had sausage balls, assorted muffins, doughnuts, and scrambled eggs on the food table.

 I set up a yogurt bar where you could create your own parfait! I sliced up bananas, and strawberries, and had greek yogurt (the walmart brand which is AMAZING), granola, and blueberries! This was a huge hit!
I couldn't help but take a pic of mine lol! 

The table decor was very simple, and I just left the two vases of flowers I already had on my dining table haha! I already had some plastic (but real looking) plates with silver trim, that were leftover from Elizabeth's Cinderella party. Of course we also had to have the Tiffany blue forks and napkins to go with the theme of the shower.

There was also a drink station that I had put together on the bar cart, I am not sure where the pic went though. The glasses we used were the champagne ones from the dollar tree. Again, to feel fancy haha!

This awesome diaper cake became the decor for all of our group pictures! I love that Catelin's friend made it to match the colors. I am not sure if that was intentional or not though.

We also dressed to go with the entire theme! Little black dresses and pearls!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Zoie turned 5 and Ariel came!

I don't usually post much about my nieces, but this year my sister asked if she could have Zoie's party at my house. Of course I said yes haha! Zoie wanted a Little Mermaid party this year, which is funny because Elizabeth's Cinderella party originally was the Little Mermaid. So I already had a few ideas in my head and just incorporated them into the decor for this party!

By the way, this will be my last post catching you all up on what's going on. This party is from this past Saturday. Michael's was actually from September 19th. So both happened within a week, and both were at my house!
As I have said before, I am no photographer. But I was a little proud of how my pictures from the party turned out!

Ariel was played by my lovely bff/co-worker that volunteered! She did wonderful too!

Just hanging with Ariel being goofy! #bffgoals haha!
She ate with the birthday girl too.

We decided to do as much decorating as we could before the party!

My crazy sister bought Zoie trick candles hahahaha!! So mean, but it was hilarious to watch!

The gift Uncle Rob and I got... we also made sure to get the furniture since it wasn't included.
My sister is also pregnant! That's another update.. Finally, another boy! Baby Sawyer will be having his shower this month at my house also!

Sissy rented a princess castle and luckily the rain held off until right before the party ended.

Ariel is a little silly sometimes haha! Such a cute pic though.

Princess Zoie is now 5! Where does the time go? Auntie Lindsey loves you!
My little princess with Ariel!
We stayed up late having a girls night with wine and decorating the night before!

Zoie's face when her house we got her entered the room! Priceless!

It was definitely a successful party! Now to start planning for Elizabeth's 5th birthday that's in just 6 months!


Michael's 11th Minecraft Party!

Let me just start this post off by letting you all know two things. One: I know absolutely nothing about Minecraft! Two: I am still learning my camera even almost a year later haha! Don't you judge me lol. Michael really wanted a Minecraft party, so I definitely had to wing it.

He got some really cool gifts this year, like UT football tickets, a UT jacket, and a personalized Minecraft painting I had a friend do! I probably should've gotten him something else, now I don't know what to do for Christmas haha!

Singing Happy Birthday!

For party favors I made perler bead keychains to look like the Minecraft characters!

We had the boys build a fort! I collected lots of boxes from my job. Working in a restaurant definitely pays off haha!

Once again my cake lady came through! 

The girls were building an um...castle?!

Chicken nuggets and mini corn dogs were on the menu, I tried to keep it somewhat themed!


My little ballerina and soccer star!

Since moving, we have also been able to put the kids in sports. Elizabeth is now taking ballet/tap at the same dance studio I went to. Michael now plays soccer and is doing great! Here are a couple pics from his first soccer game last month, and Elizabeth in her ballet get-up..

Michael's first soccer game!

I absolutely love the way this pic I took turned out! The colors are so vibrant!

Elizabeth's dance class and one of her pics:
Right after her first dance class.. and she fell in LOVE!
I snapped this pic of them and their stretching hehe! She is in the black.
This along with her other two ballet pics are my absolute favorites.. There are just no words to describe how cute I think this pic is!


Ahoy Matey Landon turned 2!

Landon loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, so of course that was his theme! Or, "ho ho" as he calls it haha!

We had to kids inflatable pools, since Landon's birthday is in the summertime it was super hot! I HAD to have this pirate ship pool for the kids, and we also had a jungle pool too.

My cutie birthday boy.

A friend took some of the pics with my camera and this one is my favorite!

The little treasure map leading to the front door that I made out of duct tape.

This was suppose to be a cute pic of us three, but Rob decided to be a weirdo!

Gave out mini beach balls as party favors, and the kids played with them in the pools.

Elizabeth in the jungle pool.

Once again, my cake lady went above and beyond and I love it!

Michael helping Landon learn to ride his new 4 wheeler we got him!

I catch him riding this in the house sometimes too now.. he loved it!