Monday, August 20, 2012

This is what happened...

This weekend started off really normal. Friday night Rob and I rented a few movies. One of which I was super excited to see, Mirror Mirror, by the way I did like it hehe... I loved that he stayed up later Friday to spend some time together. Normally during the week he goes to bed quite a bit earlier than me because he gets up before 4 a.m.

Saturday just turned into one of those bad days. I woke up in a crabby mood haha... then that afternoon my hubby tripped going up the stairs in our house and landed on his hand wrong (in the same spot that he has broken a few times before). So that night his cousin's fiance came over to sit with the kids so we could go to th ER. By the way it is broken again so he has an orthopedic appointment tomorrow to get it reset (ouch), and have a cast put on it!

Even though Saturday started off pretty crappy and ended with us in the ER at about midnight, we actually were having a lot of fun while we were there, making jokes and just talking about crazy things. The nurses had to of thought we were drunk, and I can assure you we hadn't had a bit to drink. I guess we were just hyper (after all he was drinking a Starbucks double shot coffee drink and I was drinking some coffee that I made just befor went to the hospital).

Our weekend turned out to go a lot differently than we had planned. Hopefully next week won't be so badly haha! Oh yeah, and on top of all of that my keyboard has been acting up on my laptop (so fingers crossed that the sensors for the keys aren't going out)!!

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