Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Balancing Acts

Tonight, Elizabeth decided that she wanted to balance by standing on Daddy's stomache. Here is how it went...

It was soooo funny watching her stand up, and then walk to his stomache.. once she was standing on his stomache I couldn't stop laughing at how she was so wobbly trying to balance. Then she would fall and get super mad. But afterwards she would just get up and do it again. She never cried, she was just mad that she fell off haha! In the picture above she even paused long enough to sorta pose and take a picture LOL!

Everyday she makes me laugh, even if she is doing something she shouldn't be. If that's the case I just have to wait until she isn't looking and then laugh. She definitely is a little character.

I wish that I could've taken a video of her helping me with the the DVD shelf earlier. As I was putting the new shelves on I asked her to give me one (they aren't big nor are they heavy), so once she gave me one and I said, "YAY! Thank you so much, good job!"... she then decided she needed to bring me all of them haha! Once I had all the shelves in and moved it to where I wanted it, I began to put all of the DVD's onto it and she just had to help out again and continued to randomly bring me movies LOL... she is so helpful and cute, it just melts my heart!

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