Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sick Baby and Feeling Better

I took this pic of her this morning... I have no idea what she is doing with her mouth haha! I am just happy to see her feeling better!

If you follow me on twitter than you know that I attended a bridal shower over the weekend and that night after I got home I was sick... at first I just thought it was a regular cold, and maybe it was, but I ran a fever all night Saturday because of it! Then the next day I went to go get Elizabeth from my Aunt and she had a lil fever... so we gave her some medicine and she was fine after that. Then, when she woke up Monday morning she was burning up... She ended up having a fever all day and the medicine just didn't seem to be working. Monday afternoon I checked her temperature and it was 101.5 so we went to the doctor. By the time we got to her doctor's office her temperature was 102 and a random bump had appeared on the side of her face. Her doctor was concerned about the high fever and bump and told her to take her to the hospital to see what they thought.... We were in an out of her doctor's office within 15 min and drove right to the ER... we got to the ER within like 10 minutes and were only there about 5 minutes before they called us back and checked her temperature again... this time it was 102.9!! Talk about having me worried... the insane thing was that by the time they called us back at the ER that bump on her face was totally gone!

Anyways, they gave her some motrin and we were there for a bit and she started to cool down finally and was actually smiling... the doctor came back and checked her and it turned out she has a middle ear infection! The poor thing, she felt awful ALL day yesterday until Daddy got home and brought her some Advil.. Apparently her Tylenol just didn't want to work with her fever. She actually ate her dinner last night and is pretty much back to herself, but she is still on her medication for about another 8 days...

As for me, I am feeling better except for this terrible cold I have, my ears are all stopped up and my throat is still really sore, but no fever, so that's good! Except for now my hubby is sick with a fever... I just hope Michael isn't next! He gets sick so so easily, and usually pretty badly, so I am hoping that doesn't happen..

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