Monday, April 30, 2012

Playing at the Park

On my birthday this year it was spent making time to see family and friends since we are moving. So after I had my aunt cut my hair (don't worry it was just a trim haha), we went to the park so I could see my friend Melody, the one from the blog justmelodyt! My dad also came with us to spend some extra time with the kids before we left. It was also Elizabeth's first time at the park!!

HAHA she absolutely Loved being in the little baby swings that they had there... it was her first time in any sort of swing other than the baby ones you buy at the store!

They both seemed to have a  lot of fun at the park (the kiddos).. Michael spent all of his time playing with Melody's little boy Jake!

We also ended up going to another park here at my in-law's yesterday..
Michael loves playing on the merry go round haha... I pushed him for a min, but it's not as much fun when it's me instead of daddy... Daddy can push him a whole lot faster haha!

Yesterday was Elizabeth's first time on the little toddler merry go round... she liked it, but then she got a little bored with it!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My last day as a 24 year old

Today is my last day as a 24 year old... I know I know, I bet you guys never would've thought that I am turning 25 since I look SOOO young haha... Believe me though, I wish that I looked atleast 23 or 24! I think that the reason why most people think I am so much younger than I am is because I am so short (I am 5').

Well, this is how my last day as a 24 year old went.. We got a late start today and were going to meet up with a friend at the park, but she couldn't make it today so we decided to wait until tomorrow. Instead we went to visit my cousin for a bit and then had dinner with my dad, for the second night in a row! It is always good to see him since I rarely get to.

Here is a random picture that we ended up taking (Elizabeth was very mad at this point and ready for a nap haha)!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


As I am sure you all know by now, we are in the process of moving! So because of this move taking about a month so that we could travel and visit family, as well as find a new place to live, we are homeschooling Michael until the end of the school year (otherwise he would miss like three weeks of school and end up failing because of it)! It would be awful for him to fail since he has always made all A's and does so great in school...

Surprisingly it's pretty easy. I was worried that it would be hard to come up with lots of stuff for him to do, since the state law is for him to do 30 hours of schooling a week, and they don't tell you what to do other than reading, math, and writing... Luckily, I kept in touch with his teacher and she gave me lots of workbooks and stuff for him to do at home to finish him up for the rest of the year. SUPER nice of her to do!

Today, my hubby has been teaching him and he is learning about LOTS of new things like "photosynthesis" and "the 50 states"! It is so crazy all the things they learn in first grade now, we didn't learn all this stuff until way later when I was his age haha. They are even starting fractions this year too!

I also got lucky and found lots of different websites online for him to go to and learn science, and social studies, as well as the ones that his teacher told me about.. He LOVES getting online and going to which works out really great for doing some reading materials with him, since he already knows how to read!

Only a couple of weeks left and we can officialy say that he is in SECOND grade.. my where does the time go?!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Twins Anyone? Plus a blog to visit!

Hey guys... I decided to do another one of my "blog to visit" posts. One of my best friends for years also has a blog and I feel like she doesn't get the recognition that it needs! Her blog has lots of different things like: beauty, favorites, recipes, book reviews, movie revews, as well as a few others!

I named today's post "Twins Anyone?" because of the picture I am going to share with all of you from Melody and I in high school haha!

HAHA what a SUPER old picture!! In school everyone use to get us confused and mixed up (we never realized we looked anything alike until then)... What do you guys think?


Friday, April 20, 2012

Found a House!

Hey everyone.. I know that it has been a while since my last post... we have been extremely busy house hunting and finally successfully found a place to live haha!! We are only renting since we don't plan on being in this new area for more than three years. Everything was soooo limited because most places weren't available to move into until June or later and we needed something that was available by May 1st. Luckily we found somewhere!

Anyways... I took this picture above because it's probably my favorite feature of the whole place haha... I have a total obsession with open staircases, so this really excites me! I took this picture standing upstairs looking down (obviously haha). I will say though that the only downside to this place is that I wasn't thrilled about the master bathroom, although it is a little bigger than the one in our house we just moved out of (this new one actually has two sinks instead of the just one), but I hate that there isn't a separate tub and shower... it's just all one. It does has almost all of the other features that I wanted though, so that is really nice. We won't be moving in until around May 7th though, but I can't wait!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

House Hunting!

I know I have been missing for a few days.... I have been out of town and am in house hunting mode with my hubby. After leaving for a twelve hour drive from my mom's house Sunday morning before the sun was even up, we ended up making a detour all the way back to our house to get some paperwork to take with us! It turned out literally to be an entire day's travel after making a couple stops and stopping for lunch at Cracker Barrel. We ended up arriving at about 8pm at my Rob's cousins house where we are staying.

Luckily we were able to view atleast one townhouse today and then we are meeting with a realtor in the morning. I hope we find something in this short period of time that we are here, since we are heading out Wednesday night as of right now!

Happy Househunting,

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Friday, April 13, 2012

More Birthday Pics

Hey guys... now that my house is officially empty it's really weird to know that all of my house is packed away in storage twelve hours away! Yet I am still here haha! Lots of cleaning has to be finished up here before our final moveout inspection on the twentieth of April... which seems like a long time except we only have until Saturday since we will be out of town until the 19th! So I have been incredibly busy and am really slacking off on my blogs... I did manage to film a few videos to hold me over until I get moved into my new house... so be sure to watch out for those in the future!

Anyways... as promised here are a few more pictures from Elizabeth's first birthday party over this past weekend!

I am really happy with the way all of the decorations turned out... the balloon bouquet on the ceiling was so creative thanks to my hubby and my mom's friends' husband!

She did such a great job opening up her presents!

Time to dig in to her own lil individual cake!!

She didn't really know what to think about it at first, and she just played with it between her fingers for a second haha!

She very quickly decided she didn't like it at all haha! Then she reached for me ahh!!

I hope this made you all smile like it did me!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Elizabeth's 1st Birthday Party!

Here a just a few of the pictures from my lil angels birthday party that I wanted to share! I can't believe she is already a year old!
Here she is stitting in her new "big" chair haha!

Her party was cupcake themed and so she had a cupcake cake as well as a little petite cake that was made to look like a cupcake too!

I love how she is looking up at me here... we (me and my husband together) had just finished blowing out the candle on her cake. My mom was trying to get a picture of it but we moved before she could.

Michael and Elizabeth before the party!

Those a just a few of the pictures I wanted to share... I have more that will go up soon! I haven't had the chance to load the ones from my camera on to my laptop yet.

cupcakes and birthday!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Cupcakey Backpack

Today, while shopping at Wal-Mart for the rest of the party decor for Elizabeth's birthday party, I came across this on clearance for just $5...
Isn't this SOOO cute?! It's a cupcake backpack! She got so excited when I held it up and when I handed it to her while she was sitting in the shopping cart she held it up to herself and cuddled with it the rest of the time in the store haha... so I just had to get it for her. I put it on her in the doctor's office, (she wouldn't put it down ALL day long haha), so that's where these pictures were taken.

She had her one year shots today and did really well.. they gave her this smiley balloon which of course she loved!... Say hello to my legs and feet as well as Michael's feet haha! (This photo was taken courtesy of my hubby... and the other one was taken by yours truly)

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Duck What?

Here are some random pictures from my phone that I took the other day!

Look what I found at Wal-Mart in the office supplies! It's Hello Kitty duck tape, and I am sure you all know how much I LOVE me some Hello Kitty!

Elizabeth decided to get my throw off of the couch and take it across the room, curled up on top of it, and fell asleep. She also had a little lightup wand from Chuck E. Cheese underneath her, but you can't see it in the picture haha!

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Guess Who Turns One Today?!

I can't believe that a year ago today, at 4:27 P.M., my lil angel was born!

This was right after we got home from the hospital... She was sooo tiny here!

It certainly doesn't feel like she should be a year old already.. the time sure has flown by so quickly, but I have cherised every minute of it! Her birthday party will be this Saturday so I will have some pictures up soon after!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth.... I love you!!