Friday, September 30, 2011

Good Days..

Today turned out to be a really great day..  
Sorry that I have kinda strayed away from doing lots of beauty posts but I will be doing lots more soon.

 Tomorrow will be another super busy day. I am going with the hubby to a banana pudding cook off haha. Personally I don't like it but he loves it! My step-dad is going with us too. I am excited about it though because I get to see one of my closest friends that lives a couple hours from me! She gets to see the baby for the first time too!! Plus she hasn't even met my hubby. We hardly ever see each other but have always kept in touch and remained super close...

My day at home today was really relaxing so it made me a lil lazy and I didn't film even though I should have because I won't have a whole lot of opportunities. I have a couple of holiday looks that I wanna do for you guys though so I am excited haha. Tonight me, my hubby (Rob), and Michael ate taco salad and then we had to leave to take him somewhere for the weekend.. Then we went with the baby to Wal-Mart and had a few little things to get like baby water and I am excited because she is old enough for the baby juices now too! So she got her FIRST sippy cup today too lol.. exciting! We decided to get back to eating healthy foods again so bought some frozen yogurt, regular yogurt, and lots of fruit for smoothies yay! I will try tomorrow to take lots of pics, I won't be able to post tomorrow unless it's super late, because after we leave the cook off we are headed to my step-dad's moms for her birthday, and then back to where we live to go to a friend's to watch the ALABAMA FLORIDA game!! That will be interesting since I am a Florida fan and Rob likes Alabama haha!

healthy habits, and family time-

Monday, September 26, 2011

Birthday Weekend

This past weekend was full of birthdays!! Up first was Michael's 7th Birthday... I can't believe he is seven now!!
The exciting inflatable that was in our backyard!! My mom kept him the night before so that when he got there it would be a surprise!! (ignore the two grown ups laying on part of it haha)....the lil baby in pink is my niece Zoie!

His pirate ship was sooo awesome but then gravity started to pull it apart, that's why it is a lil crooked! Sorry for the coke bottle in the way haha! Notice the Jack Sparrow as part of the decor...there are even lil pirates on the island!

Opening the gift from my mom...they had to leave early since my step-dad wasn't feeling well! I love how you can see the inflatable out the window of my kitchen..

He got lots of great goodies and even a golf set... all the guys, and then myself also, ending up hitting golf balls out towards the open field in our backyard!

Next up we have my lil buttercup aka my niece Zoie's 1st birthday! Sadly it was the last time I will see my sister for a long time...they are leaving tomorrow morning for Washington so so far away!!
Before we sang happy birthday! I am gonna miss these two so so much! Zoie was waving!!

Her adorable princess cake... strawberry burst haha...

Down to a diaper for fun playing in her cake...she looked so funny!

My kiddies...Michael had been crying because he shut his hand in the car door right when we first got there!

She LOVED this Barbie that we got her as one of her presents....I had to sneak and hide it so she would open the rest of her presents haha!

So my weekend was definitely full of birthday adventures... I even had a chance to film a video the morning of Michael's birthday that I will edit and upload tomorrow! Be sure to check for it on my youtube channel

-inflatables and 1st birthday parties,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

1 year old today!!

I know that I have already posted once today but this one is a super special post!! Today is my lil buttercup's (aka my niece Zoie) FIRST BIRTHDAY!! I can't believe that a year ago today I was at the hospital with my sissy and this adorable lil baby girl was born!!

I was soooo excited to call and wish her a happy birthday, my sister told me she was waving at the phone haha....she is so cute! I just love her to death and I am so sad that they will be moving so so far away within like the next week!


My sister Catelin and niece Zoie!!

Catelin and her hubby Tristan! It's hard to believe that they will be so far away so so soon!

-I know that this was my second post today, but I just really wanted to share that! Also, keep checking back tonight or tomorrow morning for a new hair tutorial! I will be uploading it here in just a little while...

Busy Bees

So yesterday was really busy! I have been cleaning and getting my house ready for Michael's birthday party this weekend! DON'T FORGET TO CHECK BACK FOR THE POST FROM THE PARTY TO SEE THE BIG SURPRISE THAT WILL BE AT OUR HOUSE FOR THE LITTLE MUNCHKIN!!

Yesterday was busy with doing laundry and other fun household chores haha... Then something insane happened!! Michael had went to the bathroom and (no toilet paper was put into the toilet) he came out and told me the toilet almost overflowed... So when I went in there it had went back down so I decided to see if it would flush and it decided to come all the way over and started pouring into the floor so I had to hurry before I could run across the house to my bathroom and get the plunger, I had to create a barrier to stop the water long enough for the to go get it! I ended up using all the clean towels that were in that bathroom!!! It was crazy...the water didn't stop filling up! Finally I was able to go get the plunger and stop it thank goodness!! I couldn't believe that it just didn't stop filling up... Then after I got the water back down I had to clean up all the towels and wash them!! It was A LOT of towels too haha! By coincidence yesterday the maintenace man from where we rent our house at (no we don't own, with my husband's job it would be redicuouls to buy since we never know when they might move us) stopped by yesterday to check smoke detectors and all that fun stuff and he fixed the toilet YAY!! Well that was my crazy adventure yesterday haha! Hope your day was a whole lot smoother than mine!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Birthdays and Blushes!!

Sorry that it has been a few days.... here is what I have been up to!!

Seven years ago this past Sunday this lil guy was born!! We have been really busy planning his birthday party for this coming Saturday...he wanted a "Pirates of the Carribbean" theme!!

So I will be posting pics from the party sometime in the near future!!

Aside from that let's talk BLUSH... I wanted to do a post about choosing the right shades of blush for your skin tone! Personally I really like some colors for myself that aren't really ideal for my skin tone, but I feel like if you aren't using too much of the colors that aren't really ideal then it's not so bad. So if you can pull it off then go for it! Here it is...

Always remember that the purpose of blush is to give you the natural flushed looked.... just like if you were to run around, the color you flush to is what you are going for when applying your blush.

Typically with skin tones you have to categories, you have your ivory/beige & then you have your bronze/ebony skin tones!
1. A deep, rich, warmer shade on ivory skin doesn't work.
2. Same goes for if you were to try and wear a pale shade on on ebony skin it will look really ashy.
3. If you wear a blush with shimmer try going for a shade that has gold to it, instead of silver. Silver is
    more reflective and ashy and will definitely not work on darker skin tones.
4. However, shades with some sheen or shimmer do look great on darker skin tones because they give
    it a bit of a glow!
5. Bright pops of color do look really great on darker skin tones!
6. Don't fear though, there are some colors that are universal, so don't think that you are tied down to
    just certain shades for your skin tones!
7. Apricot colors will look great on all shades!!
8. The MOST important thing though is to NOT try to pull off something that is too dark for your skin
    tone! If you are more pale then you are definitely better going for something with a lil more color
    opposed to something darker...
peach (right for all)
berry (wrong)
something bright( right), just don't go for something too brown
soft pinks (right for all)
dark browns (wrong)
almonds (wrong)
raisins (wrong)
almonds (right for all)
raisins (right for all)
warm browns (right)
berry (right for all)
bright apricot (right)
soft peach (wrong), will look ashy
can do a brighter/lighter color as long as it's sheer with a bit of shimmer

Have fun expirimenting everyone! I think my next color theory post might be with lipsticks!

Friday, September 16, 2011

You Won't Guess What I Did!!

Today definitely did not turn out the way I expected.... it started off horrible but is turning into a pretty ok night! This morning I woke up late and had to rush and get ready to leave to go pick up my hubby who had been at work for the last 28 hrs... Last night my sis and her hubby and baby stayed over since they were in town and will be moving really soon all the way across the states!! Well I got into such a hurry that as I was pulling out of my driveway, (I am not use to anyone being parked behind me), I was looking into my side mirror and as usual didn't see anything. I back right into my sisters car... OMG! I couldn't believe it. I freaked out a little because I have never done anything like that or even had that happen to me. No she wasn't in her car she was in my house... So I guess I can no longer say that I have a perfect driving record haha. Thank goodness I have full coverage so it didn't cost me anything to repair her car. Also, I am soooo happy that all it made was a teeny tiny scratch on my back bumper (nothing worth even getting it fixed) and her car is just left like a 1 inch crack in her bumber... I guess our cars are pretty tough haha!! Thank you USAA for being awesome haha!
Then after all that mess I had to rush to get my husband which I was already an hour and a half late for picking up! We had to go take Elizabeth to the Dr. (she has had a these little bumps that keep going away and coming back that started off around her right eye and have no spread to the other. Not an emergency though because she doesn't even act like anything is bothering her. Turns out is is baby eczema, but they didn't have anything for something her age so they just said if it gets worse or doesn't go away over time then to take her to a dermotologist! She is fine though and it's nothing major... apparently it goes away! Maybe that's what "baby acne" actually is.
Well tonight was better, me, the hubby, and baby all went to Buffalo Wing and Rings (just like a buffalo wild wings) and it was SUPER cheap and really good!
Hope your day went waaay better than mine did...atleast mine is ending well! I think we are gonna watch the new show "Secret Circle" that just premiered last night that I taped but haven't watched yet!!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering Those 10 years ago...

It was 10 years ago today that the terrible attacks hit our country! I want to take this time and remember those that lost their lives and thank those that were there to help! I also want to take today to say how thankful I am to have my hubby who just recently returned from his 5th deployment!! If it wasn't for him and all the other soldiers I dunno where we would be today!! I am truly thankful and blessed to have him here safely with me and I thank my lucky stars every single precious moment that I have....he sacrificed so much for all of us, including missing our baby girl being born! I love you honey and thank you so much!! Thank all of our troops for all that they do!!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

Hey everyone...hope you all had a great Labor Day! I still can't use my laptop so I hooked my broadband up to my husband's laptop lol! I will try to upload and blog as much as possible but I hope you all understand if I am not able to!! Well I am off...I have a lil baby here that is trying to eat my arm as I type this haha!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

PC Promlems

Hey guys! I am writing you guys to first off tell all of my followers that I am so happy and thankful that you have joined me on here and as soon as I can I will try to check out all of my new followers blogs! I am currently having an issue with my laptop which really stinks!! I think there may be a virus, so I have to get it fixed as soon as I can! Right now I am using my hubby's laptop! As soon as I can I will be back uploading and posting lol! Hope to see you all again soon!