Thursday, September 22, 2011

Busy Bees

So yesterday was really busy! I have been cleaning and getting my house ready for Michael's birthday party this weekend! DON'T FORGET TO CHECK BACK FOR THE POST FROM THE PARTY TO SEE THE BIG SURPRISE THAT WILL BE AT OUR HOUSE FOR THE LITTLE MUNCHKIN!!

Yesterday was busy with doing laundry and other fun household chores haha... Then something insane happened!! Michael had went to the bathroom and (no toilet paper was put into the toilet) he came out and told me the toilet almost overflowed... So when I went in there it had went back down so I decided to see if it would flush and it decided to come all the way over and started pouring into the floor so I had to hurry before I could run across the house to my bathroom and get the plunger, I had to create a barrier to stop the water long enough for the to go get it! I ended up using all the clean towels that were in that bathroom!!! It was crazy...the water didn't stop filling up! Finally I was able to go get the plunger and stop it thank goodness!! I couldn't believe that it just didn't stop filling up... Then after I got the water back down I had to clean up all the towels and wash them!! It was A LOT of towels too haha! By coincidence yesterday the maintenace man from where we rent our house at (no we don't own, with my husband's job it would be redicuouls to buy since we never know when they might move us) stopped by yesterday to check smoke detectors and all that fun stuff and he fixed the toilet YAY!! Well that was my crazy adventure yesterday haha! Hope your day was a whole lot smoother than mine!

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