Friday, September 30, 2011

Good Days..

Today turned out to be a really great day..  
Sorry that I have kinda strayed away from doing lots of beauty posts but I will be doing lots more soon.

 Tomorrow will be another super busy day. I am going with the hubby to a banana pudding cook off haha. Personally I don't like it but he loves it! My step-dad is going with us too. I am excited about it though because I get to see one of my closest friends that lives a couple hours from me! She gets to see the baby for the first time too!! Plus she hasn't even met my hubby. We hardly ever see each other but have always kept in touch and remained super close...

My day at home today was really relaxing so it made me a lil lazy and I didn't film even though I should have because I won't have a whole lot of opportunities. I have a couple of holiday looks that I wanna do for you guys though so I am excited haha. Tonight me, my hubby (Rob), and Michael ate taco salad and then we had to leave to take him somewhere for the weekend.. Then we went with the baby to Wal-Mart and had a few little things to get like baby water and I am excited because she is old enough for the baby juices now too! So she got her FIRST sippy cup today too lol.. exciting! We decided to get back to eating healthy foods again so bought some frozen yogurt, regular yogurt, and lots of fruit for smoothies yay! I will try tomorrow to take lots of pics, I won't be able to post tomorrow unless it's super late, because after we leave the cook off we are headed to my step-dad's moms for her birthday, and then back to where we live to go to a friend's to watch the ALABAMA FLORIDA game!! That will be interesting since I am a Florida fan and Rob likes Alabama haha!

healthy habits, and family time-

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