Thursday, March 31, 2011


So I know that I told you guys that there would be a how-to blog and I am so incredibly sorry that I just haven't gotten around to it. As I had mentioned before I am pregnant and I was up most of the night with contractions and have been kinda all day! So today when I would've been doing my how-to I was sleeping lol! When I finally woke up I had to rush to go get my son from school because I had to go renew my tags today...especially since they expired after today lol! That was an adventure since I had no clue where the place was at. I just couldn't remember haha! Well the tags are renewed finally lol and afterwards I was starving so my mom, me , Michael, my sister, and Zoie went to eat Olive Garden! And with all the contractions I have been having today I have just been frantically trying to get more things ready for lil Miss Elizabeth to come! So I promise that the blog will be up really soon, unless of course I go into labor soon haha!

Oh! Funny thing my lil munchkin said today to my mom in Olive Garden... He had to go potty and told my mom he couldn't hold it any longer. Well my mom asked him ,"Is it 1 or 2?" and he replied, "it's more like a 6" lol haha!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Busy busy busy...

So I realize that it's been several days since I have been on here...I have been really busy getting things ready for the baby to come and taking care of my 6year old also. From loads of laundry that has to be done before lil Miss Elizabeth arrives, to driving my munchkin to school! And of course, I am nesting also haha! I have been up until after 4a.m. the last two mornings either because I couldn't sleep, or simply because I have been cleaning lol. Last night was because I was cleaning and sanitizing things that have to be done before she comes. I have definitely had a lot to do here lately! But it will all be worth it! :)

Also, I do plan on posting a "how to" video for you guys tomorrow so check back to see what that's all about! I have just been way to sleepy and busy here the past couple days so I'm sorry that I have been slacking a bit lol!

On the upside my sister and niece came to stay a couple of nights so that was a lot of fun. I love waking up to her lil baby. She is the happiest baby you could ever imagine. Always smiling and laughing...just too cute!

Oh! So my friend Melody told a funny story about things her son use to say when he was younger and couldn't pronounce things correctly and it got me thinking of a lil short story that happened the other night while my sister was visiting... We had went to the store and on the way back my niece had started whinning a lil bit. Let me add that my sis was driving since I am so far into my pregnancy and I'm trying to cut back on driving just in case something was to happen...Well we were on the way back from the store and it was dark out. When Zoie(my niece) started whinning my sister asked me to give her her pacifier. Well I finally found it and since it was so dark out I couldnt see... I asked my son, "where's her mouth at I can't see it?" and his reply was, "right below her nose"!!! haha it was sooo funny we couldnt stop laughing.. He is definitely his father's son lol!! Well that was just a lil funny story that I wanted to share.... Hope you guys have a great night and remember to check back tomorrow for the "how to"!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Polka dots, zebra, and leopard...Oh My!

So if you really know me you know that I absolutely love almost anything that's polka dots or zebra print or leopard print! I truthfully like almost all animal print haha! So I was going through a few of my things and found a few that I absolutely love that really come in handy!

So I found these super cute tweezers at the most unexpected place...The Dollar Tree! I was in the checkout line and there they were lol. Surprisingly they work pretty well and they are actually sharp too! They had lots of other animal prints and designs but as I said before I love leopard print hehe!

I found this zebra print make-up bag at Wal-Mart. I actually have two polka dotted ones too bigger one for trips and a smaller one to take places with me. This one has just been more convenient because not only is it a lil wider than the other but it's the same length so I can fit lots in here lol!

My cute lil camera case that I also found at Wal-Mart!! For the longest time I didn't have one and somehow I ended up with a crack on the screen of my camera...but now I finally have one!!

Lastly, my pink zebra print laptop bag!! I love love this bag! Big thanks to my mom that found it, I have no idea where at though since it was a Christmas gift lol. So thanks mom!

Maternity Pics!

So here are just a few of my maternity pics. Courtesy of Erica Lampley Design + Photography !!

These were all taken on March 6th when I was just over 34 weeks pregnant! So I am just a lil bit bigger now haha!!

Hope you enjoyed!

First Post!!

So this is my first post so I figured this would be the perfect one for telling you a little bit about myself! First off my name is Lindsey. I am a new mom in more than one way. Not only because I am expecting my first baby with my amazing husband(I love my soldier) Robert, but also because I am a new step mommy as well to my six year old step-son Michael that I raise along with my husband! So my life went to seemingly boring to busy and exciting within the last couple years!

Our first baby girl is due April 15th so we are extrememly excited! I absolutely can't believe it's getting so close and she is almost here! Maybe I will post a few of the maternity pics that I had done on March 6th courtesy of my amazing friend Erica Lampley...

Here it is super late, or should I say early, in the morning haha! It's 4:39 am and me being soooo far into my pregnancy has kinda contributed to my messed up sleep schedule lol. Well it's sometimes messed up. I don't get too much time to catch up on sleep having my lil munchkin(Michael) with me at all times.. So this weekend he isn't with me so I am here visiting my sister and getting to sleep in haha :)...

If you are wondering why I am saying that my son isn't here with me and not saying us it is because I have left out a lil detail so far. My husband is currently deployed so please keep him in your prayers!! So I definitely have a lot on my plate and it's all still pretty new to me. I think that I have done a fairly good job so far though. Yay me!!

This post is mostly just telling you a little about myself but my other posts are just gonna be aimed toward my daily life with my family as well as things that I enjoy. I guess I am an artist in my own way, not only do I enjoy writing anything from poetry and music, but I LOVE color and to learn about new artistic and crafty things. But I enjoy other forms of art also like make-up and hair...which I am slowly learning sooooo much more about haha!!

Well good morning to us, and goodnight to others!
Huge love,
Mrs. Foxxy