Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Post!!

So this is my first post so I figured this would be the perfect one for telling you a little bit about myself! First off my name is Lindsey. I am a new mom in more than one way. Not only because I am expecting my first baby with my amazing husband(I love my soldier) Robert, but also because I am a new step mommy as well to my six year old step-son Michael that I raise along with my husband! So my life went to seemingly boring to busy and exciting within the last couple years!

Our first baby girl is due April 15th so we are extrememly excited! I absolutely can't believe it's getting so close and she is almost here! Maybe I will post a few of the maternity pics that I had done on March 6th courtesy of my amazing friend Erica Lampley...

Here it is super late, or should I say early, in the morning haha! It's 4:39 am and me being soooo far into my pregnancy has kinda contributed to my messed up sleep schedule lol. Well it's sometimes messed up. I don't get too much time to catch up on sleep having my lil munchkin(Michael) with me at all times.. So this weekend he isn't with me so I am here visiting my sister and getting to sleep in haha :)...

If you are wondering why I am saying that my son isn't here with me and not saying us it is because I have left out a lil detail so far. My husband is currently deployed so please keep him in your prayers!! So I definitely have a lot on my plate and it's all still pretty new to me. I think that I have done a fairly good job so far though. Yay me!!

This post is mostly just telling you a little about myself but my other posts are just gonna be aimed toward my daily life with my family as well as things that I enjoy. I guess I am an artist in my own way, not only do I enjoy writing anything from poetry and music, but I LOVE color and to learn about new artistic and crafty things. But I enjoy other forms of art also like make-up and hair...which I am slowly learning sooooo much more about haha!!

Well good morning to us, and goodnight to others!
Huge love,
Mrs. Foxxy

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