Thursday, March 31, 2011


So I know that I told you guys that there would be a how-to blog and I am so incredibly sorry that I just haven't gotten around to it. As I had mentioned before I am pregnant and I was up most of the night with contractions and have been kinda all day! So today when I would've been doing my how-to I was sleeping lol! When I finally woke up I had to rush to go get my son from school because I had to go renew my tags today...especially since they expired after today lol! That was an adventure since I had no clue where the place was at. I just couldn't remember haha! Well the tags are renewed finally lol and afterwards I was starving so my mom, me , Michael, my sister, and Zoie went to eat Olive Garden! And with all the contractions I have been having today I have just been frantically trying to get more things ready for lil Miss Elizabeth to come! So I promise that the blog will be up really soon, unless of course I go into labor soon haha!

Oh! Funny thing my lil munchkin said today to my mom in Olive Garden... He had to go potty and told my mom he couldn't hold it any longer. Well my mom asked him ,"Is it 1 or 2?" and he replied, "it's more like a 6" lol haha!

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