Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Busy busy busy...

So I realize that it's been several days since I have been on here...I have been really busy getting things ready for the baby to come and taking care of my 6year old also. From loads of laundry that has to be done before lil Miss Elizabeth arrives, to driving my munchkin to school! And of course, I am nesting also haha! I have been up until after 4a.m. the last two mornings either because I couldn't sleep, or simply because I have been cleaning lol. Last night was because I was cleaning and sanitizing things that have to be done before she comes. I have definitely had a lot to do here lately! But it will all be worth it! :)

Also, I do plan on posting a "how to" video for you guys tomorrow so check back to see what that's all about! I have just been way to sleepy and busy here the past couple days so I'm sorry that I have been slacking a bit lol!

On the upside my sister and niece came to stay a couple of nights so that was a lot of fun. I love waking up to her lil baby. She is the happiest baby you could ever imagine. Always smiling and laughing...just too cute!

Oh! So my friend Melody told a funny story about things her son use to say when he was younger and couldn't pronounce things correctly and it got me thinking of a lil short story that happened the other night while my sister was visiting... We had went to the store and on the way back my niece had started whinning a lil bit. Let me add that my sis was driving since I am so far into my pregnancy and I'm trying to cut back on driving just in case something was to happen...Well we were on the way back from the store and it was dark out. When Zoie(my niece) started whinning my sister asked me to give her her pacifier. Well I finally found it and since it was so dark out I couldnt see... I asked my son, "where's her mouth at I can't see it?" and his reply was, "right below her nose"!!! haha it was sooo funny we couldnt stop laughing.. He is definitely his father's son lol!! Well that was just a lil funny story that I wanted to share.... Hope you guys have a great night and remember to check back tomorrow for the "how to"!!

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  1. yay! you're nesting! it prolly won't be very long now! call me or have catelin call me when you go into labor!