Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting into the Spirit

I was sitting around trying and attempting to decide on what I should blog about today and I decided that since Christmas is getting super, and I am going to be out doing a little bit of my Christmas shopping today...that I would just blog about Christmas haha!

(This was the cabin we stayed in...I took this picture the day we were able to escape haha!)

So last year for Christmas I was on vacation with my family... not that it was a bad vacation, but I guess I was a little depressed. My hubby was away at war :( and I was PreeeTyyy pregnant haha! We stayed in a three story chalet on the side of a darn mountain(literally lol)... We definitely had us a "white Christmas" last year ha.

Christmas morning it started snowing...and snowing and snowing and snowing and...well you get the idea! Anyways, it ended up snowing probably like three feet if not more. This is where the vacation got a lil sour. Not only was I pregnant and missing my hubby, but now we were snowed in on top of a mountain and couldn't do any sort of sightseeing or anything!! Atleast we did get to do a little bit of shopping like the day before we got snowed in.

Aside from all of that it was a really pretty and nice Christmas, I wanted to share with all of you some of the pictures.

Don't you just love our "lil" tree lol? We couldn't travel with anything bigger so we brought a little one....obviously all of the gifts wouldn't fit under it haha!
After it is all said and done...I love that we had the experience despite being snowed in and having to stay like an extra 4-5 days!

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