Sunday, November 20, 2011

CrAzY sUnDaYs!!!

Today is going to be a crazy day and it's not even noon yet! We all woke up pretty early and had to take Rob to work... he got stuck doing 24 hour duty so he won't be off until in the morning! Then he wanted Subway for breakfast haha, so after we dropped him off we went to get him breakfast from there. Right now we have just my car, we recently sold his and we both need new ones lol, mainly because I drive a VW Jetta and there is just not enough room for our growing family haha!
 Now I am doing baby laundry, which I do separately from everyone else's because I use a different detergent for her than for everyone else...
I had to hurry and chop up lots of veggies to go into the slow cooker because I am making beef stew for dinner and it has to cook for like 8 hours!
The kids and myself are going to have to load up in the car soon and run to the grocery store, we have random items to get for Thanksgiving and some milk and other fun things lol!
Afterwards I may start doing some of the baking for Thanksgiving, we are hosting it at our house this year so I am really excited! Plus I want to try to watch the live streaming on for the AMA's hahaha! Well, I am off to finish off my super busy day today, maybe I can get some cleaning in today too lol!

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