Monday, September 26, 2011

Birthday Weekend

This past weekend was full of birthdays!! Up first was Michael's 7th Birthday... I can't believe he is seven now!!
The exciting inflatable that was in our backyard!! My mom kept him the night before so that when he got there it would be a surprise!! (ignore the two grown ups laying on part of it haha)....the lil baby in pink is my niece Zoie!

His pirate ship was sooo awesome but then gravity started to pull it apart, that's why it is a lil crooked! Sorry for the coke bottle in the way haha! Notice the Jack Sparrow as part of the decor...there are even lil pirates on the island!

Opening the gift from my mom...they had to leave early since my step-dad wasn't feeling well! I love how you can see the inflatable out the window of my kitchen..

He got lots of great goodies and even a golf set... all the guys, and then myself also, ending up hitting golf balls out towards the open field in our backyard!

Next up we have my lil buttercup aka my niece Zoie's 1st birthday! Sadly it was the last time I will see my sister for a long time...they are leaving tomorrow morning for Washington so so far away!!
Before we sang happy birthday! I am gonna miss these two so so much! Zoie was waving!!

Her adorable princess cake... strawberry burst haha...

Down to a diaper for fun playing in her cake...she looked so funny!

My kiddies...Michael had been crying because he shut his hand in the car door right when we first got there!

She LOVED this Barbie that we got her as one of her presents....I had to sneak and hide it so she would open the rest of her presents haha!

So my weekend was definitely full of birthday adventures... I even had a chance to film a video the morning of Michael's birthday that I will edit and upload tomorrow! Be sure to check for it on my youtube channel

-inflatables and 1st birthday parties,

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