Sunday, August 12, 2012

We Built This City...

This is what we, as in me and Michael, decided to build tonight.

We decided to use his wooden train track to make roads for his Hot Wheel cars to drive on. It started oout going over and through the fake mountain that is part of the train set, but we decided to replace it with a bridge since it was easier to fit the cars through haha. Then we set up a little town all around it complete with trees. So, in the picture above you can see the house that I built out of Legos (which we made part of the farm! There is also the little fire station and construction area too. Waaay at the top of the picture is the little town area.

All the way on the right there was the hospital area, complete with a parking lot. Did you notice the train on the "road" haha? That is what our night before bedtime consisted of. Afterwards I asked him if he wanted to keep it all set up to play with tomorrow since it was his bedtime (and we had spent so much time putting it all together), or if he just wanted to put it all up. He actually just wanted to scoot it all over but that wasn't going to work so well without it all falling apart. So we ended up just cleaning it all up LOL.

Have a great night everyone!!


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