Saturday, August 18, 2012

We Love to Color

My littlest one just loves to color.... well atleast try to haha!

She gets extra cool points for having the crayon upside down too hehe! She really does try and it's so cute, even though most of the time she just kinda taps the crayon really hard onto the paper.

Tonight at dinner I asked her,"Will you color a picture for Mommy?" and her response was a quick little nod yes (very very quick)... and a halfway, "mmhmm" (which was said even quicker that the nod was done haha).. Then she tried to color. The funny thing was that she was holding the crayon upside down and tried to color with it turned the correct way. (which would've probably been really uncomfortable haha) I am not exactly sure what my husband is doing in the picture either!


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