Friday, December 16, 2011

Seeing Santa?

This weekend will probably be pretty busy.... we are hoping to take the kids to see Santa, since this is Elizabeth's first Christmas, but I just don't know if we are going to be able to make it there before Christmas! Last year Michael had his picture made with Santa when we were on vacation.... I have a post all about our Christmas vacation last year--->Our Insane Vacation

This year I don't know what we are doing about Christmas pictures, and I am a little worried that Santa will scare the baby lol... she doesn't get scared of too many people, but some men she just does NOT like, and Santa may be one of them haha!

When Michael had his picture made with Santa last year it was totally last minute, so he wasn't really dressed for a picture lol... I had planned on taking him before Christmas, but we were in the mall and he randomly asked to have his picture made, I didn't think he would've wanted to so when he asked I jumped at the chance for him to do it! Pictures with him are a bit crazy, they cost about $20, which I could probably take a better one with my own camera lol...luckily there was NO line! It was awesome haha...and we were in an extrememly busy and HUGE mall at the time!

Whatever we decide to do for pictures, I will do my best to post them up for everyone to see!
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