Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pictures With Santa

So it's just a little after midnight here and I have finally finished all of my baking!! I made really cute sugar cookies and decorated them with lots of sprinkles, sugars, and holiday m&m's..

Then I made some pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting...AGAIN haha!

Earlier today we made a trip to the mall and the kids got pics with Santa...inserted below!!
After a few pics we finally got a little smerck out of this time I think Michael was tired of smiling haha!

Here are the cookies I made... they are lots of different Christmas shapes.. like stockings, trees, stars, candy canes, and a few more!! I was originally going to do them all different colors, but when I went to color the icing I totally forgot to separate it out into different bowls. So we just had all green icing. If you wanna see the recipe I used check out my other blog.---> Foxxy Beauty

Michael stayed up the entire time helping me out in the kitchen... he really loved it! I finally had to get him to go get ready for bed since it was almost midnight... So Merry Christmas Eve to everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!!

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