Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Christmas

This was baby's first Christmas! At first I think she was a little confused about the whole unwrapping presents thing, but after three days of getting gifts, I think she is finally starting to get the hang of it haha! This was also our first Christmas in our house, last year Michael and I spent it with my mom in the mountains while Rob was across the world!!

Elizabeth loves to sit on her new giraffe and be pulled...this was right after she first seen it and Michael was pulling her around on it! Too Cute!!

She actually kept the little pink bow in her hair until I decided to take it out...what a Surprise!!

This Christmas has been so wonderful and a true blessing! I had both of my little ones with me as well as my husband home safely this year... I have truly felt blessed! This time last year not only was I worried about my hubby as well as almost 7 months pregnant... but I was Snowed In on top of a darn mountain!!! Literally, and it was not fun haha!

Stay tuned for a Christmas beauty haul... and to see what's inside my big Sephora box--->Foxxy Beauty

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