Monday, December 19, 2011

I fixed my internet!

So if you guys read my beauty blog post last night then you seen that my internet crashed! I honestly have no idea what happened... one minute it was fine and then the next it acted insane. For my internet I have one of the broadband things that plugs into a USB port on my laptop. My daughter has smacked it a couple of times so it is a little bent, but it has been that way for months so I am not totally sure if that was the cause. It was crazy though, at first I thought that my computer crashed, because everytime I inserted the broadband into my computer the screen went black the first time and then everytime after that it went all static, sorta like when the tv can't pick up a channel and it gets all that snowy stuff on the screen! Yep, that was my laptop last night. So I just uninstalled it from my computer and waited all night long, who knows maybe it just got too hot, but I reinstalled it earlier and am using a different USB port on my laptop and it is working just fine! Thank goodness!

Aside from that on a funnier note... this morning the baby woke up super early again, so I went and made her a bottle and brought her into my room and laid down with her... after she finished her bottle she was really sleepy so I put her back into her crib. After my husband got done working out this morning he went and got her and when I got back up he asked me, "Did you take her pants off this morning?" I just kinda looked at him really funny and said no... He then informed me that she woke up this morning with her pants off and laying there in her crib haha! I have no idea how she managed that one, but the poor thing woke up pantsless! She has been in speedy mode all day long and right now she is SUPER sleepy and laying in her Daddy's lap playing with a toy...

Well I am just happy that my internet is working since I just paid the bill for it a couple of days ago, I wouldn't have been very happy if I paid for it and then wouldn't be able to use it till who knows when! I don't think there is a warranty on what I have, which isn't very good!

So that has been my crazy day so far!

-speedy babies and snowy computers,

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