Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winter Break

I have decided that I will most likely be taking a "Winter Break" from my blogs...probably the day before Christmas Eve...only because I will just be too busy and traveling to maybe have time to blog! But when I come back I will have lots of fun things to video and to blog about, like a Christmas cosmetics haul and all that fun stuff haha!

Today's post isn't very long because nothing all that important happened today lol... I do wanna show you guys my favorite ornament on my tree right now though....

Isn't the little snowman super cute? I found him(Yes, I call it a him even though it's pink and glittery haha) last year right before Christmas at the Dollar General when all the Christmas decorations had went on sale, so I think I got him for just a couple bucks... I just think he is really cute. His arms and feet are connected by little springs lol, so they sorta bounce!

Well as I was in the middle of this blog, I took a quick break while the picture was loading, and I went to get my kids something to eat.... As I was in the kitchen I decided to refill my flour canister since the flour was low and I hadn't yet put the new bag in... While I was opening it I accidentally ripped the bag a little bit(grr), so when I was pouring it I was being careful not to let it spill out where the bag tore... Then I realized there was a little hole in the bottom of the bag too! Oh my gosh I seriously just got a HUGE pile of flour all over the floor and counter... it was rediculous, but now it's all cleaned up haha!

-A very floured Lindsey

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