Friday, January 27, 2012

A messy baby and cute smiles

This what my living room looked like just a few minutes ago...

Well now it has been more than just a few minutes since I had to upload the pics haha... while I did that she had a nightime nap and her teeth, or should I say tooth, brushed hehe! I just love her cute little smiles every single day they always melt my heart. Normally I can never get her to smile at the camera, but tonight she decided to look up and smile every single time I took a picture.

So yes, my living room gets destroyed every day and cleaned up every day too! I keep her toys in there now since she is still too little go and play alone with them in her room, but I don't mind one bit. I love waking up to the site of all her toys and then to her standing and bouncing at the end of her crib excited to see me more and more every single time!

P.S. Did you notice that her shoes don't match? That's because she won't keep any of her others on her feet but these ha ha! I guess she likes these more because they squeak everytime she bounces or walks in them...

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