Thursday, January 26, 2012

Missing Sissy

All this talk about my sister lately has really had me missing her... I talk about her more than any of my other siblings because we are so much closer and she lives far far away from me. It's so weird that I am all the way on one side of the U.S. and she is all the way on the other! It really does sadden me, especially since her birthday is coming up in just a few weeks so I am sad that I can't spend it with her.

I guess I just decided to take today's post and turn it into a sister post ha ha...

Here we are at her wedding reception... with a pregnant me hehe... I love this picture it always makes me smile!

Then here we are at my wedding haha... there was also a really cute picture of us dancing together, no not slow dancing haha, at my reception, but I have no idea what happened to it. Funny thing though is that she was actually pregnant here, so we always joke about how we were both pregnant at each other's wedding!

This picture is actually at her first baby's baby shower.. funny thing is that I was pregnant but didn't know it just yet here, I just had a feeling that I might be haha!

this pic is just a funny one that I like... she always makes me laugh haha!

This one isn't us, but it is our little ones... Elizabeth looks so funny here, and really confused haha!
Catelin and Zoie at Zoie's first birthday party! By the way she isn't fat here, she is pregnant haha!
This last picture is one of my favorite... it's actually right after I had Elizabeth she was less than just a few weeks old! Here we are at her hubby's, Tristan, homecoming ceremony... little did she know she would be pregnant again, with my new little niece, literally a few days after this was taken haha!

Sorry that I didn't post any younger pics of us, I couldn't find any on my computer so hence the ones that I posted instead! Did you guys notice though that like one of us is pregnant in like every single picture, we joke all the time about how one of us has been pregnant for the past 2 years, except right now. I guess we make that joke since everytime we have a birthday someone is too pregnant to go out and celebrate with the other one haha!

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