Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Walking Babies, Traveling, and Busy Busy Days

Here lately I have really been slacking when it comes to my blogs... but not by choice! I have just been extremely busy with family and being back and forth to different hospitals. My hubby had two minor surgeries and lots of doctor appointments, and then his mom had surgery Friday. So I have gotten very aquainted with hospitals here lately. Thankfully they are both fine, and doing really well.

It was such a relief to get back home last night. After I made the long drive all by myself to my mom's from my mother-in-law's to get the kids, I got a nap in at her house, then headed back to my house. Before I could even come home though I had to return some movies that were already late haha... then stopped by the Dollar Tree to get some snacks. I LOVE that place, everything is only one dollar or less and we have a store here that's huge!! Then, we left there and had to go to Wal-Mart to get some baby stuff and milk and things like that.

I was up till like almost 4 this morning not being able to sleep, it was extremely windy outside and I hate it when it storms lol. You will all be so proud to know that I did manage to film 2 new videos for you guys and that I have already edited one. It is saving and I will probably start to upload it within the next half an hour... OH! I also worked on my lighting some last night and I must say, I am pretty proud of myself. Let me know what you guys think by checking out my beauty channel tonight or tomorrow to see my newest video.

Aside from all the traveling I have been doing lately... I have a little one here that has started her first stages of walking and I must say... I am one proud mama!! She is still having some trouble with it and only manages about three steps before she falls, but it is just too too cute! I may have already blogged about that already, I can't remember though, so I am telling you again ha ha. It's so hard to believe she is just a little over 9 months already... seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital having her, and now she is about to be a year old!!

one proud and tired mommy hehe,

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