Friday, January 13, 2012

One Big Whirlwind

It seems like my life has just been one big huge whirlwind lately! All over the place, and in and out of hospitals because my hubby had two minor surgeries... yes he is ok! I haven't had much time to blog or do anything at all... not to mention my internet hasn't been doing all the things it is suppose to ha ha. It took me quite some time just to get my newest video to upload, but it is finally up.

Today has been an INCREDIBLY looooong day. My hubby's mom had surgery today so we got to the hospital at 5:30 a.m. and just got home and it is just before 7p.m. now... I ended up falling asleep in her room that they have her in. We had to get up at like 4 this morning so we were all definitely sleepy. We are staying at her house and my hubby has off work all week so he can stay with her. I have to head back Monday to get the kids from my mom and then make the four hour drive back to get him next weekend! So I will be totally exhausted hahaha!

I hope that all of you have been having a less crazy past few weeks and been able to relax a little more after the holidays than we all have. I am just thankful that everything has went smoothly and that everyone is ok!  Surprisingly I managed to film and edit and upload a new movie so be sure to check it out on my beauty channel, or you can visit my beauty blog!

Sooooo, I will be doing my best to blog and get more videos out... so be sure to stay tuned for lots of new things that I have coming up!

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  1. I hope your husband is feeling better. I noticed we have similar interests and would like us to follow each other. Let me know what you think. See what is new in my boutique shop:-)
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena