Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Disappointing Morning

This morning we all got up early and got ready because we thought my husband was having his surgery today... drove all over the place because he had to get x-rays... poor thing has been in such pain and then come to find out his surgery isn't even until Friday!

Before his appointment I wanted to get some coffee because I thought I was going to be sitting there waiting forever with the baby... sooooo I decided to hit up Starbucks which is my favorite place to get coffee. I always get the same thing, a venti white chocolate mocha with no whip cream... I had never been to this Starbucks before and I WILL NOT be going back! Let's just say that it was so horrible that the after taste in my mouth was making me sick to my stomach! I don't know if they are usually this horrible at this particular one, but it was definitely horrible today. I was going to just come home and make my own makeshift white chocolate mocha (I already had the white chocolate chips at home haha) but I decided not to.

It's not a little after 1:33 p.m. here and Michael will be home from school at about 3:15. OH!! So let me tell you all what happened today, we were totally NOT happy about it!

Before we went on vacation we put our trash at the end of the drive to be picked up... after we got back today I noticed that while we were away they had put a bright yellow sticker on the lid of the trash can saying that we were behind on a payment. First off we have lived here for about 15 months and have never once had to make any sort of payment. We rent our house so we just assumed that the trash can that was here when we moved in was just something that was along with the house! We were never told any differently. I called the company and discovered that the last client that they had in their system from our address cancelled their account in August of 2010! They had nothing in there saying that we were one of their customers... Then a woman gets on the phone and tried to tell me that I have to pay them for the past year and three months in advance and that the people that lived here before must have accidentally left their trash can! Well, think about it. What trash service tells you to come and get your trash can when you sign up and then tells you to bring it back afterwards haha... Secondly, they also knew that their last known client from our address was gone so why were they picking up our trash for the last year and never said anything (guess they just did their end of year inventory and noticed they were missing a bin)! The rediculous thing was that they are trying to force us to pay saying we owe then money and were late on a payment when we have never signed up for their service or signed anything. It would make more sense to me for us to just settle it 50/50 since they were at fault for picking our's up without us even having an account with them, and it's our fault for us not knowing any better!! Not only were they telling us that we owed them the money they wanted it right now! Who does business like that? That makes no sense... Plus I am definitely not going to pay them three months in advance, heck we could move to another house by then!

So there is my little rant today about someone trying to force me to pay them money when I don't even have an account with them nor am I even in their system! Then tried to make it out like it was all my fault! I guess she thought she was talking to an idiot haha!

Anyways, I hope you all had a better morning than me... For some cool tricks to make yourself look thinner with makeup check out my other blog--->Foxxy Beauty

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