Monday, February 6, 2012

One Looong Weekend

This weekend seemed incredibly long even though it wasn't haha... maybe because I was a little busy. Plus my hubby has Monday off so that really throws me off! The kids spent the weekend with my mom so I finally had the chance to hit the gym with Rob (my hubby).. I hadn't worked out in like 2 months or so and I was really doing bad haha! The crazy thing is that my arms are a little sore and I only worked them out for like 30 minutes..

Here is my random pic from the weekend, right before we left the gym... I had taken my hair down right before we left!  Yeah Yeah I know I look horrible here, especially with my no makeup face hahaha!!

Today was really crazy... my hubby went to the gym this morning and when he got ready to leave he discovered he had left the lights on on my car. He then tried to get an employee there to jump the car off with their jumper cables and it didn't work so he ran a mile down the road to the gas station. Luckily he seen some guys there that he worked with so they gave him a ride to Wal-Mart.. We ended up getting lucky and it wasn't the battery on my car, it was just the guys jumper cables, they didn't work! So he spent just $10 buying a set of jumper cables and the car started right up.

After he got home we got ready to go get the kids. I also had to take my bridesmaids dress for a friend's wedding, it had to be altered! I had to have it altered literally like everywhere because it was a size 8 and I am NOT a size 8!! I am about a 4 everywhere except in the chest I am like a size 7 haha! I hate it though because sometimes it is so hard to make things fit right. I got my dress at David's Bridal and when I went in there they asked me what size my jeans were so I said a 4. I got super excited when I first put it on because it fit and looked so great up until I tried to zip it up over the top part of me haha!

So we got to my mom's and then my mom and I left and went to my cousin's house (his wife did my wedding dress alterations so I trusted her to do this dress too). Then went back to her house and ate some dinner and then we headed home and now here I am boring you all with this super long post about my weekend haha!

I hope you all had a great weekend that wasn't as rediculous as part of mine was hehe!!

your excercising and busy bee,

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