Sunday, February 26, 2012

I have been a little MIA

Hey everyone! I have been a little bit MIA here lately... sorry about that! I have just been super busy and totally was really really busy. I did get to do some shopping though so that was definitely fun hehe. I drove to several different places looking for a dress to wear to the upcoming bridal shower I have to go to this Saturday (which I still didn't find), then I went to get a gift for the shower (which I did find) haha!

So I have just been crazy busy with lots of different things to do! OH, I almost forgot to tell everyone... I believe that I have mentioned before that Elizabeth was doing a little bit of walking, well now she full on walks all over the place! She started really walking everywhere a little over a week ago. I can't believe she isn't even 11 months old yet! It makes me feel soooo proud everytime I see her whobbling everywhere like a little penguin haha... She is getting super fast too!

I promise I will try to get some new pics up really soon of the kids. For now I am off to get ready to talk to my sister on the webcam.. Stay tuned to my beauty channel for the BFF tag that I was tagged to do(featuring my BFF, my sissy)! She agreed to film the tag while we are talking on the webcam, so that should be interesting haha!

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