Saturday, February 4, 2012

Almost My Anniversary

Most of you probably don't know this, but my anniversary with my hubby is coming up very very soon! It almost feels a little surreal that we are approaching yet another year together... For those wondering "just when is it?", you will either be shocked to find out, or not at all haha... Yep you guessed it! It is on Valentine's Day hehe!

The funny thing is that we both always said that we would never get married on that day, and we did anyways ha! Mostly because the venue that we chose was booked for the day before that... Now we always joke every year when places start putting out all of the Valentine decor, that they are decorating for us hehehe! Of course they obviously aren't, but it's just something that my hubby started saying that I thought was cute...

I will save the engagement story for our actual anniversary, along with a couple wedding pics too maybe...

Here are a couple sneek peaks for you though... this was my bouquet with little pearls along the handle (they weren't all the way up because I wanted to be able to grip it comfortable since I knew I would be super nervous haha)
My matron of honor, Delta (I also had a maid of honor which was my sister Catelin, she wasn't married yet) made these, well the F's on them.. they were so amazingly awesome, there was no way that I could have ever been creative enough to actually handmake the letters like that haha!

This is well, obviously our hands haha! I actually have a different wedding set now than I do here, so if you see me wearing a different one in any of my videos or pictures that's why.. my hubby was so amazing and got me an upgrade for our last anniversary (anniversary as a couple haha, not as being married).. I also had the inside of his ring engraved as a surprise that he didn't even see until after we were married, it said " U R MY PERFECT FIT"
This was our cake, it is actually a four tear, but you can't see the bottom layer here... My favorite thing about it was not only that the top was red velvet which is my favorite haha, but it had pearls strung along it, and every layer was a little bit different looking... see the little circle? well, inside that circle there was actually an F, for Fox! Which looked like the ones on the candles...

So there is my little sneak peek into my wedding day! I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I loved going back through some of my wedding photos!

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