Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to have a relaxing day... baby style!

First off, let me say how sorry I am that the BFF video with my sister still isn't up.. I started the upload last night and it was going incredibly slow, so I started it over earlier in a different internet browser in hopes that it goes faster! Hopefully this time it will work just fine.

Wanna see how to have a relaxing day?
Step one: lounge around in your Disney princess pajamas with mommy all day haha!

Step 2: Read (or in babies case, just look at haha) a book! I tried to get pictures of her smiling at the camera, but she only smiled and looked at it until I started to actually take the pic, then she looked back down..

Here lately she has been obsessed with carrying around this potty training book hehe! Something tells me it's getting close to time for her to start her potty training, she already walks EVERYWHERE.. and the other day I woke to a totally undressed lil baby (I do mean completely undressed haha)... it was NOT a pretty sight since she had just done her business... that was a lot of cleaning up and sanitizing to do haha! Oh the joys of being a momma hehe... Thankfully daddy was home to help mommy... he gave her a bath while I cleaned her crib inside and out and washed all of the sheets and her blanket and stuffed dolly. Ever since then she has been carrying around the little book of her's...

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