Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I am super excited that today is my anniversary, even though we celebrated it over the weekend since my hubby had to work today! I guess that the reason that I am so excited about it is that my hubby is atleast home this year for it. Last year he was still deployed so he couldn't be there for it...

So in celebration of not only Valentine's Day, but my anniversary as well, here are a few wedding pics that I promised everyone!

This is a picture of me, Robert, and my step-son Michael...

I love this pic that someone took of me with the flower girl! Her mom is one of my good friends and was actually one of my bridesmaids too!

Ha Ha I love this toast pic... noone even told us to do this... we just did!

This is my and my hubby... you can see all of the groomsmen in this pic, but only three of my bridesmaids!

My brother with two of my oldest friends, Merissa and Hana! You may recognize Merissa from a previous post!

Head table shot!

All these pics are just ones that someone snapped with my mom's camera... Sadly, our photographer was in a car wreck like a day or two before our wedding so we just had to make due. My bridesmaid Hana, who works at the same photography studio took some pics for us when she had the chance but I don't have those on my laptop! I wish I had all of the pics from my wedding on here but I don't.

Hope you all have a wonderful and memorable Valentine's Day that you remember for the rest of your lives!

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  1. Congrats! You look so lovely in your wedding pictures.


  2. happy anniversary
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