Sunday, May 6, 2012

A day at the zoo... part 2

Hey everyone... I told you all the other day that part two of our day at the zoo would be up... and since then we have visited another cool place that I will show you all pictures of in one of my next few posts!

First off let me go ahead and tell you all that I am not completely sure when my next post will be... we are heading out tonight and driving all night to get to the new city we are moving to. We have to be there tomorrow to sign the lease and also have time to go to our bank there first thing (there isn't one here where we are visiting)! Hopefully the movers will be able to come by this week and bring all our house to us haha!

So... without anything further... here are some more zoo pictures!

I love how they are both looking up at the birds here!

And here is a picture of Michael when he got to pet the baby kangaroo... also known as a joey (I think that's spelled correctly haha)... If I am not mistaken I posted the picture of Elizabeth with the kangaroo on my first part of this post.

Lastly, we have this picture from when Michael got to touch the same snake that Elizabeth touched! Ahh... I can't believe they both did this, even I am not that brave haha! Of course there were lots of pictures that were taken of the animals, but I decided those may not be as fun to look at!

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