Sunday, July 3, 2011

Parasailing 101

So I told everyone before that when I got the chance I would start blogging again and this is the first one I wanted to tell everyone about from our great and loong vacation! First I wanna tell everyone that it may be a lil while before I blog again... I have been super busy and have soooo many things coming up that I have to do.
 Well one really fun and exciting thing that we got to do was go parasailing. I have wanted to go for years now and I am so excited that me and the hubby got to enjoy it together!!!

here we are on the boat about to take off from the boat....weeeeeeee

in the air....

then they dipped us into the water before taking us back into the air and then bringing us back onto the boat...

I have lots of pics but obviously that would be a slight pain to post them all haha. I was happy that they had photo packages for pretty cheap and they put all the pics onto a memory card for us to take with us....
So this was a great experience and if you get the chance and have never done it before you should do it!! I will be blogging again a lot more after the 15th of this month since things will stop being sooooo busy for me then haha!!


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