Tuesday, July 26, 2011

sleepy heads

So it has been a long day and I have been up since super early. Good news is that I was able to film a video during one of Elizabeth's short naps! She just did not want to nap long at all today haha... i just can't believe how big she is! Today she ate a whole thing of peas and she is doing sooo great at learning to sit up on her own. Words can't describe how proud I am. Well believe it or not plans for this weekend are all set up. My wonderful hubby signed us up for a marriage retreat so I am excited to be going again this year! (no its not like the movie haha) I am sure I will post some pics also assuming I dont forget to take pics lol... I always take my camera intending to and then I either forget or just don't do it. Well I am off to bed with my little angel since it is just the two of us tonight! night everyone, lindz

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