Thursday, July 21, 2011

Productive Days

So yesterday I got so lucky and was able to get so much done around the house. I guess my kids decided to be good yesterday haha jk! This is how my day went... 1.wake up feed the lil ones 2.Got the kiddies their baths before we watched a little tv 3.fed the baby again then put her in her activity center 4.started laundry 5.cleaned the tables and dusted the living room 6.did more laundry 7.fed the munchkin again 8.vaccuumed the whole house 9.cleaned the bathrooms 10.cleaned the kitchen 11.and lastly cleaned mine and the hubby's room... so later today I may be able to do some filming but I am not totally sure what look yet I want to do, maybe a fast out the door look for everyone! Sadly though it won't be posted until maybe next weekend hopefully! As soon as I am able to use my computer a lot more there will be more videos to come :). Well I am off to get some things done around here again today.

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