Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beaches,tiki huts, kids, and a Wal-Mart that sells liquor!

Hey everyone... I know it has been a while since I last posted or made a video. But since Rob is finally home things have been super busy catching up and just in general busy! Right now we are on vacation in Myrtle Beach and we just got here last night. So far it looks like things are going to be a lot of fun here. We drove down from Hilton Head yesterday (me and Rob had went there early Monday morning and spent 4 nights together to have a lil vacation alone time, so his mom kept the kids for us), oh how I missed my babies so so much! So when we got here (this vacation is with all of us including his mom), we got here a little bit before them so we had a little time to kill. We decided to check out the Ripley's mirror maze lol... it was super cheap to do and was fun :)! I of course videod so I will probably post it later. I will also post all the pics from these trips later as well...

So yesterday afternoon after we got here we took the kids down to the beach (well not really down to it since the hotel we are at is literally already on it), but Michael wanted to go play of course lol! Funny this is that the hotel Rob and I stayed at in Hilton Head was suppose to be on the beach and when we got there it wasn't so we were really upset(atleast it was literally across the street), we ended up really hating the hotel we were at but so far this one is great! That's definitely a plus... Oh! And the awesome thing was that there was a lil tiki hut/bar that was right on the beach just a short walk down the beach... it was really great and super fun and relaxing! here was the funny and crazy thing, or should I say is the crazy thing?! Apparently a law passed in this state that I have never heard of and neither had Rob lol... the Wal-Mart's here sell liquor haha! We were walking around the store at the one in Hilton Head looking for water and there it was lol!!!

Well everyone was out for some breakfast and since we ate a late dinner last night after going to the beach I wasn't hungry so me and my lil angel that I missed so so much decided to stay in the room. Everyone just got back from grabbing some grub haha! It's such a great feeling to know that when my hubby goes out he is coming right back and not leaving for months... I am about to get ready so go to the pool and beach and don't worry all these awesome pics are going to be up really soon!!!

Oh yeah!!! I almost forgot to mention... on our lil belated honeymoon type thing lol, me and the hubbs got to go parasailing!!! It was a really great experience and I have wanted to go for years so we finally got to go! I got some great pics of that too... and all of these will be up soon when I have some more time. Before I forget to mention though, this parachute had a pretty awesome Super Man logo on it that I didn't even know it had until afterwards lol....and we just so happened to be in the "hot seat" on the boat's lil rotation that they had going on so we had to go first lol!!!

sand in your shoes and suits...and lots of salt water haha,

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