Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby's first mall trip....

So as we are getting ready for our vacation coming up the next couple weeks we made a lil trip to the mall to get a couple things to take with us... especially since I just had our lil angel, not everything fits me just right yet haha!!! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that this was also Elizabeth's first mall trip too!!
 I love this picture.... Robert is such a good daddy! Yesterday Elizabeth had a "daddy day", and the day before it was a "mommy day" haha!
She kept watching me here... I just love her lil looks and stares!

The awesome and fun cell phone cover Robert picked out and bought for me!! Well I made the final decision but he found it for me lol!

Look at this cute little bathing suit that Daddy found for his little princess at GAP kids!! I love how retro it looks haha! Now we have to get her a litttle hat to match her little lavender bathing suit that I found for her a few days ago!!

-shopping with babies and lots of fun summer things,

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  1. CUTE! I can't wait till I get to take my babies places like that for the first time <3