Thursday, October 1, 2015

Zoie turned 5 and Ariel came!

I don't usually post much about my nieces, but this year my sister asked if she could have Zoie's party at my house. Of course I said yes haha! Zoie wanted a Little Mermaid party this year, which is funny because Elizabeth's Cinderella party originally was the Little Mermaid. So I already had a few ideas in my head and just incorporated them into the decor for this party!

By the way, this will be my last post catching you all up on what's going on. This party is from this past Saturday. Michael's was actually from September 19th. So both happened within a week, and both were at my house!
As I have said before, I am no photographer. But I was a little proud of how my pictures from the party turned out!

Ariel was played by my lovely bff/co-worker that volunteered! She did wonderful too!

Just hanging with Ariel being goofy! #bffgoals haha!
She ate with the birthday girl too.

We decided to do as much decorating as we could before the party!

My crazy sister bought Zoie trick candles hahahaha!! So mean, but it was hilarious to watch!

The gift Uncle Rob and I got... we also made sure to get the furniture since it wasn't included.
My sister is also pregnant! That's another update.. Finally, another boy! Baby Sawyer will be having his shower this month at my house also!

Sissy rented a princess castle and luckily the rain held off until right before the party ended.

Ariel is a little silly sometimes haha! Such a cute pic though.

Princess Zoie is now 5! Where does the time go? Auntie Lindsey loves you!
My little princess with Ariel!
We stayed up late having a girls night with wine and decorating the night before!

Zoie's face when her house we got her entered the room! Priceless!

It was definitely a successful party! Now to start planning for Elizabeth's 5th birthday that's in just 6 months!


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